About Us

What is ISNA?

Idaho School Nutrition Association (ISNA) is a professional organization for people engaged in School Food Service or related activities in public or private schools, colleges and universities, child care, and juvenile detention facilities. ISNA was organized in 1957 and has a membership of approximately 900 members in 29 organized affiliate chapters. ISNA is affiliated with the School Nutrition Association (SNA) which is comprised of over 67,000 members in 50 state associations. ISNA is recognized by the State Department of Education as an educational association.

We are a statewide association of school and childcare food service professionals, industry representatives, and child nutrition consultants who are committed to furthering the goals of the organization. To meet our goal of providing nutritious meals for children, we place a strong emphasis on continuing education for all food service and child nutrition professionals by sponsoring workshops and conferences yearly. Our 935 members touch the lives of children in Idaho every day.

Our Core Values

Development of the Whole Child
Professional Development and Growth 
Healthy Lifestyles and Lifelong Learning
Camaraderie, Community Involvement and Fun