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Our Mission

Idaho School Nutrition Association Promotes Nutritious Meals for Healthy Minds and Bodies.
We work to provide science-based nutrition education to ensure that educators, health professionals, scientists, media, and consumers have a credible body of nutrition knowledge/resources to use for education and health recommendations. We strive to help all Idahoans adopt healthier, everyday lifestyle behaviors that may enhance their total health and well-being.

Our Vision

To be a leader, advocate and educational resource for school nutrition professionals promoting excellence in food and nutrition to Idaho's children.

Our Values

  • Development of the whole Child
  • Professional Development and Growth
  • Healthy Lifestyles and Lifelong Learning
  • Camaraderie, Community, Involvement and  Fun 



Upcoming Events

SNA Virtual Expo February 6-March 16, 2018

SNA Legislative Action Conference March 4-6, 2018


Idaho School Nutrition Association 2018 State Conference More...


SNA Annual National Conference July 9-12, 2018

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